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Sociology at SLA

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What is Sociology?

Sociology attempts to explain and understand how societies and individual groups within it interact, operate and change. How groups influence the individual, how meanings and interpretations ‘truth & reality’ for individuals and how social life is influenced knowingly or unknowingly by human action. Students examine the role and purpose of education; educational achievement in relation to class, gender and ethnicity; relationships and processes within schools; educational policies, equality of opportunity, the impact of globalisation; and the application of sociological research methods to the study of education. Research methods are evaluated and the relationship of the family to social structure, social change and state policies; changing patterns of marriage and divorce; diversity of family structures; changes within the family - gender roles and power relationships; the concept of childhood and the status of children; and demographic trends are all considered at AS. At A level, apart from learning the topics at AS in more depth, impact of globalisation; and the application of sociological research methods to the study of education; theory and methods – research data, positivism, interpretivism, considerations, theories, science, value freedom, impact of sociology on social policy are also covered. Additionally, students study theories of crime, deviance, order and control; the social distribution, patterns and trends of crime and deviance; globalisation and crime, green crime, human rights and state crimes; crime control and prevention; theory, methods and the study of crime and deviance.

What subjects combine with Sociology?

Psychology, Government and Politics, History, and Economics.

What Careers and University courses can Sociology lead to?

A good grade in Sociology at A Level is valued by universities and employers since it requires the development of analytical skills and demonstrates the ability to evaluate social issues. This course also lays an appropriate foundation for further study of Sociology or related subjects in higher education.

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