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Exam Board: Edexcel (9FM0)

What is Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics describes a course studied in addition to the standard A Level Mathematics. It provides deeper grounding in, and greater conceptual understanding of both Pure and Applied Mathematics by introducing students to such topics as complex numbers, matrix algebra, differential equations, Taylor series amongst others. By the end of the course you will have taken your mathematical aptitude to a higher level and developed further your logical, numerical and problem-solving skills.

Which subjects combine well with Further Mathematics?

Further Maths combines with many other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Accounting and ICT. However, students need to be aware that many universities require Mathematics as a full A level and not Further Mathematics and that the two can rarely be combined as two separate A Levels for most courses at university. Further Maths is good as a stand-alone AS for most courses or as a 4th A Level.

What Careers and University courses can Further Mathematics lead to?

Studying the subject is highly recommended, and an A or A* grade strongly preferred, at such Russell Group universities as Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE and UCL.

Many graduates have chosen to use their mathematical skills in careers in the City of London, such as Trading and Risk Analysis; Banking, Insurance and other financial services; in scientific research, IT and industry.

The Exam

Final Exam Structure
Paper One
Paper Two
Paper Three
Paper Four
AS Level
Core Pure Mathematics
Further Mathematics Options
(1 hour 40 mins - 50%)
(1 hour 40 mins - 50%)
A Level
Core Pure Mathematics 1
Core Pure Mathematics 2
Further Mathematics Option 1
Further Mathematics Option 2
(1 hour 30 mins - 25%)
(1 hour 30 mins - 25%)
(1 hour 30 mins - 25%)
(1 hour 30 mins - 25%)
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