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Chemistry at SLA

Exam Board:Edexcel (9CH0)

What is Chemistry?

Think about the contribution of Chemistry in the production of anaesthetics, detergents, painkillers, dyes for fabrics, shampoo, anti-oxidants in jams and fruit squashes, PVC insulation for copper electrical wiring, bleaches, fuels, insecticides…. At SLA School, our approach to the teaching of Chemistry is to present it as a dynamic and intellectually stimulating subject, whilst at all times paying full attention to the examination requirement.

Students study Chemistry to Advanced Level in order to gain entry to careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and many other fields not involving Chemistry directly, but in which students benefit from having been exposed to the logic of the subject.

The Exam

The new AS and A levels in Chemistry are stand-alone linear qualifications, where marks gained at AS level do not contribute to the final A-Level grade in any shape or form. Hence the concept of A2 disappears completely.

The new AS level examination in Chemistry will comprise two written papers; Papers 1 and 2 will each consist of a mixture of multiple choice (minimum 10, maximum 15 questions per paper), and structured questions.

The full A level is examined in three papers – all featuring a mixture of multiple choice questions and structured questions demanding both short and extended answers, plus questions specifically designed to test familiarity with and understanding of laboratory questions.

Final Exam Structure
Paper One
Paper Two
Paper Three
AS Level
Core Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Core Organic and Physical Chemistry
A Level
Advanced Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Advanced Organic and Physical Chemistry
General & Practical Principles in Chemistry
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