BMAT- The BioMedical Admissions Test &
UCAT - The University Clinical Aptitude Test

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Course Introductions


The UCAT is used by many UK universities in their selection process for Medicine and Dentistry. It is an American-designed test which addresses different aspects of a students thinking and working pattern. Although it is not easy to change someone’s aptitude, it is quite easy to improve the score for UCAT!

No student should go to this exam without a plan and a specific strategy for each section. We teach our students several different strategies they can use, and, with ample practise, they go on to achieve high scores in this exam. We sincerely recommend all students attend a course to prepare for this exam closer to the examination date.

Our course is taught in 8 hours over two days. For details of dates of the exams and registration, see the official site at:


BMAT is used by a few of the UK universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Lancaster, Leeds, Brighton & Sussex, Manchester (for some overseas students), Keele (for some overseas students) to assess students’ suitability for courses like Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. It tests the students’ ability to apply mathematical and scientific knowledge (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to problem-solving in addition to testing critical thinking and written communication skills to see if students are suited for challenging university courses.

BMAT is a much more involved exam than UCAT and requires a great deal of preparation by following a syllabus. If you have not chosen Physics as one of your A levels, it is truly recommended that you study for this stringently as the questions on this subject are quite challenging.

We sincerely recommend all students attend a course where each section is taught by an expert to prepare for this exam closer to the examination date. Our course is taught over one weekend and includes an interview practise with the student for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine as required.

Exam Structure
Section One
Section Two
Section Three
Section Four
Section Five
Verbal Reasoning
Decision Making
Quantitative Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Situation Judgement
(21 minutes - 44 items & 11 reading passages)
(31 minutes - 29 items)
(24 minutes - 36 items & 10 pieces of visual information)
(14 minutes - 55 items & 13 pairs of shapes)
(26 minutes - 69 items & 22 scenarios)
Section One
Section Two
Section Three
Thinking Skills
Scientific Knowledge & Application
Writing Task
1 hour paper (32 multiple choice questions)
30 min paper (27 multiple choice or short answer questions)
30 min one side of A4 paper (essay)
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