Autumn Examinations Revision Courses
Courses Introduction

COVID-19 has changed many lives and challenged our outlooks and prospects. Sadly, many students may not have received the grades they would have had if they were given the opportunity to sit the exams in June.

At SLA, we have over 26 years of experience in preparing students over a short period of time for examinations. Our tutors are totally familiar with all the syllabuses and are aware of the requirement for achieving high grades.

Our intensive week-long revision courses will take place online with the students in the comfort and safety of their homes. There will be scheduled live classes over Microsoft Teams. Students will have their problem areas addressed in small groups, their questions answered in a friendly and approachable manner and there will be plenty of exam questions to practise with.

As teachers, we all faced the same hardships and uncertainty as the students and are fully aware of the task ahead. We will be providing the means and the environment for students to thrive and develop the much-needed self-confidence and ability to answer exam questions so that they can finally reach their true potential. We will teach the students the subject matter as well as exam technique. Students have been known to upgrade by 2 grades simply by altering their method of answering exam question.

Courses We Are Running


Our short course is aimed at GCSE students who want to retake their GCSEs during the upcoming Autumn examinations and will catered to individual needs.

We must emphasise that the course does not aim to go through every inch of the syllabus as it will not be possible to do so in a short space of time. However, it aims to cover the problem areas of the students who attend the class and prepare them for the examinations by teaching them exam technique, time management and data analysis.


This is a one week course, consisting of 3 hours per day per subject. The revisions take place over two weeks and students can technically cover two subjects per week (4 subjects in 2 weeks).

We are currently offering this course for: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics only.

Course Dates:

14.09.2020 - 18.09.2020

21.09.2020 - 25.09.2020


This is an intensive one week course, where each subject is taught over a 6-hour period in one day. Therefore, over the 5 days, students can technically cover 5 GCSE subjects.

We are currently offering this course for: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and English only.

Course Dates: 26.10.2020 - 31.10.2020

A-Level: Crammer Course

We do not apologise for calling this course what it really is. We are experts in preparing students for examinations in short spaces of time such as Easter Revisions and this is one such revision. The entire course is run online, using Microsoft Teams and involves live classes with tutors who are simply the BEST in their field. The topics taught depends on the people on the course and their problem areas. The course is made to measure to the needs of the students involved.

We teach revision technique, exam technique and exam approach. We cover topics students have difficulty with, we help students learn data analysis and we help them with answering exam questions.

Our tutors are all subject specialists and highly experienced. SLA is indeed the Home to the Best Tutors. Most tutors have had their students achieved 100% in their exam papers and Dr Etessami has had a student who scored 600/600 for Biology which is not a numerical subject. We all love what we do, and we all care for the students under our care. Allow us to help you achieve the best you are capable of.


Our A-Level Revision course is aimed at A-Level students who want to retake their A-Levels during the upcoming Autumn examinations. This is a 2 week course consisting of 4 hours per day per subject. Technically, students can study their 3 A-Level subjects in this way.

We are currently offering this course for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Psychology and Mathematics. It is, however, possible to get access to other subjects by demand.

Course Dates:

14.09.2020 - 18.09.2020

21.09.2020 - 25.09.2020

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