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Exam Board: AQA (7181)

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of how the mind works. Why people react and behave the way they do and what people do with their experiences. It aims to discover what really happens through objective, systematic and verifiable research and it takes a number of different perspectives. For example, behaviour can be explained at the most basic level by considering its biological basis or from a much wider perspective by considering how we function in social groups. Because it is a social science, a substantial portion of the course is using research methods and analysing data. However, it also involves learning facts and developing an ability to express one’s views through essay writing.

What subjects combine with Psychology?

Psychology fits well with many other subjects as it is the study of human nature. Subjects like Sociology, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics work well with Psychology.

What Careers and University courses can Psychology lead to?

Students may study Psychology because they want to follow a career which is directly related to it, such as Clinical or Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology or Operational Psychology. Others find it useful as a basis for a career in Human Resources, Probation Work or Advertising and the Media.

Our tutors have considerable experience in teaching both university undergraduates and A level students. Their approach integrates traditional methods of teaching with encouraging students to discuss and share ideas. Lessons involve regular written exercises to consolidate learning and application of material together with practical experience of research where appropriate. Some mathematical ability is now required by the A Level syllabus and appropriate teaching and practice in this are also provided.

The Exam

Final Exam Structure
Paper One
Paper Two
Paper Three
AS Level
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology in Context
(1 hour 30 mins - 50%)
(1 hour 30 mins - 50%)
A Level
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology in Context
Issues and Options in Psychology
(2 hours - 33.33%)
(2 hours - 33.33%)
(2 hours - 33.33%)
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