Dr. Pantea Etessami
Principal, Biology, UCAS Applications, Pastoral Care

Meet Dr. Etessami

Dr Etessami started teaching Biology in 1997 and has held several posts over the years from Head of Biology, Head of Science, Director of Studies and Director of Medical Programme at some of the most prestigious sixth form colleges in London. She has trained many in the art of teaching Biology successfully. Dr Etessami has specialised in upgrading students from very low grades (E,U) to very high grades (A/A*) by teaching the students how to learn first whilst teaching them how to learn Biology. She addresses revision strategy and time-management with each student. Some of her students achieved 100% in many unit papers and one obtained 600/600 at A Level which resulted in an award for the student in the House of Lords, UK.

Dr Etessami has amassed an enviable bank of resources over the years for all the syllabuses available and focuses on teaching the students application of knowledge through topic-specific question booklets. She has smoothed the path of many students to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Audiology to name a few. As the main person in charge of UCAS for years, she has helped students with their personal statements and entry exam preparation such as UCAT and BMAT.

Dr Etessami considers her students her children and teaches them self-confidence and belief in themselves which paves the way to a successful future career.

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Dr. Etessami's Qualifications

Dr Pantea Etessami read for her first degree in Microbiology at University College London. This was followed by a Masters degree in Biochemistry (Genetic Manipulation) at the University of Sussex. From there, Dr Etessami was awarded a scholarship by the John Innes Foundation to study for her Doctorate in Molecular Biology (Genetic Engineering of Viruses). After completing a Postdoctoral project on virus research in the Norwich Research Park Laboratories on the site of John Innes Institute, she moved to the Biochemistry department of Imperial College London where she continued to research on viruses as project manager and lectured to the undergraduate students. She supervised MSc and PhD students in addition to her research during this period. Dr Etessami then found time to complete another Masters degree but this time in a completely different field of Decision Analysis in the Operational Research Department at London School of Economics where she carried out research projects in and for the pharmaceutical sector. Unsurprisingly, Dr Etessami has many contacts at university level both in Britain and abroad.